Cattle fair

Cattle is part of our traditional culture, rooted in agriculture. As it has been done since the origin of our festivals, every year the cattle are exhibited at this fair, it's blessed and the best cattle is rewarded.

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feria de ganado


The Puchero of La Florida is one of the most important acts of our holidays and the one that has had more importance outside our borders.
Puchero is one of the typical Canarian dishes, composed mostly of vegetables. It can also be mixed with gofio (typical product of our islands), giving rise to the so-called escaldón.

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Example of culture and tradition. The coexistence between the neighbors and participants dressed in the typical dress, the celebration of the work in the field, the characteristic sound of the timple, the music of rondallas and parrandas, the popular fervor mixed with the gastronomy and the good wines, make this celebration be of the enjoyment of all.

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Other acts

Apart from the exhibition of cattle, puchero and romería, we also do many other activities.

festival de romeras

Festival of Romeras

The festival of the election of Romeras and Romeros of the festivities is classified into three categories: Children, Adults and Seniors. All accompanied by different performances.

bola canaria

Canary Ball

The Canary Ball is a traditional Canarian game consisting of two teams with four players and three balls each player. It consists of leaving the largest number of balls closer to a bowling previously launched.

encuentro folclórico

Folklore Meeting

The folklore meeting is a festival of Canarian music with performances by folk groups where they delight us with their songs and dances.



The pericón is a game with the Spanish deck, rooted in the most western islands. It consists of two teams with three players each.